Chicken Breast Recipes

chicken breast recipesWhen it comes to poultry, chicken is generally chosen more often over it’s counterpart, the turkey. Chicken is adaptable to numerous recipes, inexpensive, and popular in many foreign cuisines. This protein is one the most commonly used meats, and just about every single part of the bird is edible. However, the chicken breast is generally the part that is widely bought in many countries, especially in the U.S. Although the wings, thighs, and legs are favorites too, the chicken breast is the definite winner especially for healthy chicken recipes. Find the perfect fried chicken recipe or chicken casserole, and search through dozens of delicious baked chicken recipes, grilled chicken recipes, or choose one of our delicious and easy chicken recipes; chicken recipes are infinite.

The healthiest form of chicken breast is when it is skinless and boneless. Chicken (3 ounces serving) has more than 50% of the daily recommended amount of protein. It also has other nutrients like vitamin B6, amino acids, niacin, and so many more. Although chicken breasts contain quite a bit of cholesterol, it is not very high in fat. Since they are low in fat they are also low in moisture. This can become a problem if overcooked. When preparing and cooking chicken breasts, use a thermometer to check the internal temperature. Another way to know when chicken breasts are finished cooking is by slightly pricking the meat. Upon pricking the meat the juices of the chicken breast should be clear. The first method is of course more accurate and a much safer option.

spicy chicken breast recipesSince there are so many recipes of chicken breast, having chicken several times a week is a definite possibility. This cut of poultry is so versatile and able to cross cultures, lunch and dinner can easily be a worldly experience. There are many Italian dishes that use chicken breasts, and one such recipe is chicken parmesan. If one travels across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, there are several recipes to explore there as well. Sweet, spicy, and very sticky, jerk chicken is great for an island getaway dinner.

As for North America, chicken breast, other than hamburgers, is commonly marinated and grilled every night. This is a very healthy lunch or dinner option, and goes great with a salad. Another popular method is frying, however this is not a healthy option. No matter the recipe chosen, each chicken breast recipe should be thought of as a blueprint, and can easily be altered to suit one’s personal taste. present dozens of classic plus contemporary chicken dishes. Each recipe page offers tips and techniques designed to make the cooking experience enjoyable and rewarding. Learn raw chicken preparation, cooking methods, find serving suggestions, and flavor and substitution ideas. The site and recipe collection is constantly growing, so please bookmark and come back often.

Chicken breasts are perfect to experiment with new flavor combinations, and cooking approaches. A 3 ounce boneless, skinless, chicken breast has about 100 calories, 20 grams of protein, and 0 carbohydrates, and is very low in fat. It’s one of the healthiest pieces of meat you can prepare, and surprisingly affordable. Found in nearly every cuisine throughout the world, there is simply no end to the ways to prepare a wonderful dish using this versatile and healthy cut of chicken.

Roasted, baked, broiled or barbecued, the chicken breast is never boring, and with a little imagination and some good recipes offers one of the most reliable ingredients in creating delicious simple or gourmet fare. Chicken breasts are wonderful in soups, salads, starters and main dishes. From the classics like chicken potpie, chicken noodle soup, or southern fried chicken, the chicken breast has had a place in our kitchens for centuries. Spice things up with a Chinese chicken salad, or chicken and broccoli stir-fry, a nice chicken curry, or heat things up with Mexican chicken enchiladas or chicken quadrilles.

Whether you are looking for something to serve in minutes or a dish to overwhelm guests at your next dinner party, you’ll find something in our growing collection of chicken breast recipes that sure to fit the bill. Along with constantly adding new recipes to the site, we offer simple tips for perfect recipe preparation, shortcuts to save valuable time, and the most up to date information on the purchasing, care, handling and storage of chicken.

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